Report: Gloria Steinem Has Joined Vice [Corrected]

NYT sources say she will host a regular segment on women’s issues for Vice's upcoming HBO show.

Both Gloria Steinem and Shane Smith refused to comment to New York Times contributor Maer Roshan. But according to his report, among those who will be regularly contributing to Vice’s daily half-hour HBO show* in the new year will be Ms. Steinhem:

Sources claim that the feminist icon has quietly signed on to host a regular Vice-branded segment on women’s issues for the company, traveling around the globe to look into the lives of women in countries from Iran to Ireland. “She’s hired a staff and is completely engaged in every step of the production,” says a well-placed Vice executive. “The first time she walked into our office in Williamsburg the whole place shut down. It was like Elvis had entered the building.”

Coming on the heels of this Bill Simmons tweet, Roshan’s article would seem to suggest that Vice is recognizing the value of adding name-brand talent to its Millennial mix. According to Roshan’s sources, it took several tries for Smith to land Steinem.

Coincidentally, Steinem’s long-in-the-works memoir is called My Life on the Road. It comes out Oct. 27.

*Correction (4:20 p.m.):
Steinem’s program efforts are not intended for HBO. The NYT article has removed the HBO references and posted this note at the bottom:

Update: A previous version of this article suggested the Vice show would air on HBO. A spokesperson for Vice said the show is not in development for HBO.

[Photo of Steinem receiving her 2013 Medal of Freedom: Renee Schild/]

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