Al Gore’s ‘Climate Reality Project’ To Host 24-Hour Broadcast Event

The Glover Park Group, working with “retired” advertising super star Alex Bogusky, is launching two short ads for the Climate Reality Project, former Vice President Al Gore’s crusade against climate change. The Project will kick off “24 Hours of Reality” on September 14, a round-the-clock online broadcast event that will show the impact of climate change across 24 time zones. It’ll air once every hour in 13 languages.

The ads are called “The Fat Lady Sings” and “The Denial Has Hit the Fan,” and they show an overweight opera singer, and something brown hitting a fan, respectively.

Although they seem rather tame, especially knowing Bogusky’s work (anyone remember the Crispin + Porter homoerotic Burger King spots, featuring the King serving breakfast sandwiches in bed?), Glover Park Group describes the ads as “not for the faint of heart.”

That said, the agency is taking the hard-line approach that anyone who does not believe in climate change is delusional.

“The message is simple: The climate crisis is not a debate,” the release reads. “It’s a reality. And the time to take action is not the future – it’s right now. Because the fat lady has sung and the *#!? is hitting the fan.”

The Project has also launched a social media campaign for “24 Hours of Reality” on Facebook, with links to plan a viewing party, donate your status, or embed the live stream on your website or blog starting September 14.

Three presentations will be broadcast remotely from New York — Tonga, the Solomon Islands, and French Polynesia — but will include local footage and information. Everything else will be filmed on location around the world.