Glu Mobile’s Deer Hunter 2014 comes to Facebook

Image via Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile has announced the release of Deer Hunter 2014 on Facebook. First released on iOS, Android and Mac, the game sees players traveling to the Pacific Northwest of North America, Central Africa and the forests of British Columbia to hunt deer, elk, bears, moose, wolves and more.

In each location, players complete missions by hunting specific animals, using rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and pistols. They’ll earn cash for completing missions, and can actually hunt using a combination of mouse and keyboard controls.

Deer Hunter 2014 offers consumables for slowing down time or causing bullets to do double the amount of damage, as well as a complete upgrade system for weapons, from upgrading a gun’s sight and ammo capacity to its muzzle, barrel and more.

Image via Glu Mobile

“We are excited to bring our most successful title ever to players on Facebook,” said Niccolo de Masi, CEO of Glu Mobile, in a statement. “Deer Hunter is the most realistic hunting game available and a fantastic experience on the Facebook platform. We anticipate a strong response from Facebook’s highly-engaged global user base.”

Deer Hunter 2014 is now available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.