Gluru Launches Smart Personal Assistant App on Android, Web

The Gluru app analyzes a user's calendar and files to present the right information when they need it.

Gluru has launched its personal assistant app on Android and the Web. Gluru was build using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual information processing, and aims to help users be more productive by highlighting their necessary data and files at exactly the right time.

While Gluru doesn’t store files itself, the platform allows users to access their documents, contact and calendar information, emails and more in a single place. Users can connect to their Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail accounts, as well as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Evernote, with plans to introduce additional options over time. When users first create an account, the platform ‘builds relationships’ from their data, to help them connect individual contacts to files they might need, as an example.

Gluru consists of three main features. First, the Daily Digest presents a user’s meetings and important individuals they may need to work with that day. When viewing a meeting or event, Gluru displays any documents (like spreadsheets or presentations) it has determined the user may need for that event.


The second feature, a ‘Now’ button, predicts and presents the files and contacts users may be working with in the exact moment, based on ‘the context of [their] workflow.’ In addition, when Android users make or receive calls, Gluru will work to find any files they may need, which are associated with those conversations.

Finally, a search field allows users to search for specific documents across all of their connected platforms, and also shows other files which may be connected to this result, as determined by contextual information processing.

The overall Gluru platform becomes smarter as users continue to use it, which will reportedly help it better understand their needs.

In a statement, Tim Porter, founder and CEO of Gluru, commented:

Gluru is a first step towards fully integrating context-driven, predictive technology into our everyday lives, and it’s poised to be a game changer for both personal and business productivity alike. By connecting and adding a layer of contextual understanding to your data wherever it lives, Gluru unlocks access to that data in an increasingly automated and truly useful way. The result is a super-simplified approach to managing your daily workflow that could amount to saving an individual up to a full week’s worth of time each year.

Gluru’s Android and Web app is available for free to individual users, with paid plans available for teams and businesses. The app is set to release on iOS later this year.