Glympse Adds Facebook Integration

Glympse is one of the few location-based applications that I really like and don’t feel uncomfortable using. Unlike other apps like FourSquare that disclose your location to anyone, Glympse only shares your location information with the people that you specify. Another feature of Glympse that I like is that the person with whom you are sharing your location information doesn’t need to have a special application to see the information, it is provided to them on a web site.

When you start Glympse on your iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile phone, it prompts you to enter the e-mail addresses of the people with whom you want to share your location. You can specify how long the information is to be made available, and provide information about where you are going. Glympse will then transmit your location from your phone to their servers, where it is displayed on a map for the people that you specify at near real time.

Glympse now provides integration with Facebook and Twitter so that you can share the information in Glympse with your friends on those social networks. I guess I understand the perceived need to integrate with Facebook and Twitter because that is what everyone seems to be doing, but in this case I liked Glympse because it did not share information publicly on these types of networks. Fortunately, it appears that you can elect to not use this integration, which is how I will opt to use Glympse.