Gmail for iPhone Gains Auto-expanding Message Writing Text Box

Google provides mobile specific Gmail apps for a number of platforms. One notable ommision is the iPhone since such an app would compete with the iPhone’s own client and this sort of competition is forbidden. So, Google is in a continual innovation cycle churning out one new feature after another for its mobile friendly Gmail website for the iPhone. It’s latest feature enhancement is a relatively small but greatly welcome one…

The Iterative Web App: Auto-expanding Compose Boxes

Here’s how you can see it work for yourself:

1. Point the iPhone’s Safari browser at
2. Tap the new message icon near the top right corner of the screen
3. Start typing a message, tap RETURN a couple of times to create blank lines, type a bit more, create a few more blank lines.

At some point during step 3 you should see the text window auto-expand to let you see as much of what you’ve typed as possible. Nice!

Now, if Google would add the feature to let me change my “From:” mail address in Gmail for iPhone as they do in the full desktop version, I would be very happy.