Go Ahead: Put Your iPad In The Tub

The iPad is the perfect device for web surfing on the couch, watching movies in bed, looking up recipes in the kitchen and checking your email on the toilet. You can bring it with you almost everywhere to partake in its various splendors. But if this product really is so “magical and revolutionary”, shouldn’t you be able to take it in the shower or tub with you as well? According to a couple of YouTube users, you can!

A couple of days ago, Cliff Baldridge of SBARTSTV uploaded a video to YouTube called ‘iPad UNDERWATER Torture Test’. In the video, the iPad is held under a stream of running water without any negative effects. According to Cliff, “the iPad is virtually waterproof.” Cliff claims that he has completely submerged his own iPad underwater at least ten times and it still works just as well as the day he unboxed it.

Personally, I think the iPad is a little too expensive to risk taking it bareback into the shower. However, another YouTube user has a solution, and it only costs a few cents. You can put your iPad in a simple Ziploc bag and you are good to go. In the video, ‘iPad Under Water – Home made case’, we see that the iPad’s touch screen still works through the Ziploc plastic, so you can watch movies and surf the web in the tub worry free! Just make sure your Ziploc is secure and proceed at your own risk.

Just think of all the fun things you could do in the tub if you could take your iPad with you. Watch movies, check your email, listen to music – the possibilities are endless! Can you imagine just how magical and revolutionary the iPad could make your bath time experience?

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