Go away! I’m reading.

Don’t want to be bothered while reading? Try one of these book covers.

You’re looking at the work of E.M Bowman,  YA author. She was inspired to create them when a friend found a “Go away, I’m reading” pin on Etsy. Here is how the covers came about:

I thought it was genius, but Tracey Neithercott promptly pointed out that it would be even better to have a dust jacket sporting this same message. It would be larger, bolder, easier to read. Sarah and Tracey started lamenting over how someone Must Make These and Do So Immediately, so I chimed in and offered up my design services.

Yes, these are book covers, but I think this would be a great idea for eReader covers. I’m going to try to turn one or 2 into a cover for my Kindle. M-Edge offers a service that makes custom covers based on images you provide. It’s called MyEdge, and fun covers like the ones above are exactly why it was

The book covers are available for download as PDFs, so I’ve downloaded them and then converted them to image files. I am currently trying to fit them to the cover templates provided by M-Edge, and if I get a good result I will share it via M-Edge’s service. My first attempt will be with the “In Narnia, BRB” cover.

If you’re still stuck on paper, you can download the set of covers (11 in all), and have them printed at your local print shop. You can find more details and images of the covers at the link.


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