“Goatee Gamble”: Four Games Down

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We’re now four games into the NLCS and “Goatee Gamble,” and with three Phillies’ wins, we’re again that much closer to seeing a clean-cut Chuck Todd…

There’s facial hair and $1,000 for charity at stake in this baseball bet between NBC’s Todd and ABC’s Jake Tapper. Recehnt tweeting:

@jaketapper: @chucktpolitical i dont want to jinx anything, but I hope NBC is pursuing a possible sponsor — Bic? Norelco? Barbasol? #GoateeGamble

@jaketapper: i feel bad for Broxton. 1st he has that fight with the 6 Million Dollar man (http://bit.ly/1KD1aY) and now this. @chucktpolitical #Phillies

@jaketapper: interesting how quiet @chucktpolitical is being today….hmmm….

@chucktpolitical @jaketapper I wasn’t quiet… made my sheepish “can’t believe what I witnessed in person” tweet and reminded self that you don’t have 4 wins

After the jump, conditions of the dueling White House correspondents’ bet and details about the two charities that could benefit…

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For those of you just tuning in, the conditions of the dueling White House correspondents’ bet are: if the Dodgers win the National League Championship Series, Tapper grows a goatee and if the Phillies win, Todd shaves his goatee, or a $1,000 donation will be paid by the losing correspondent to the winner’s choice of charity.

Todd has chosen Samaritan Inns, which provides housing and recovery services to homeless and addicted men and women. Samaritan Inns’ Recovery Continuum Program has proven results in its unique holistic approach to recovery treatment providing structured housing and healing services in an environment of support and accountability giving homeless and addicted men and women the opportunity to rebuild their lives. A secure donation can be made on their website.

Tapper has picked Dr. Shershah Syed, an ob/gyn who has devoted himself to saving impoverished women in his native Pakistan from complications due to pregnancy such as fistulas. Syed is building a new maternity hospital and training midwives. Tax-deductible contributions can be made through Dr. Shershah Syed, c/o National Health Forum, P.O. BOX 240093, St. Louis, MO 63024. Put: “Dr. Syed’s project” in the subject line of the check. The phone number is 314-255-7409; email is nationalhealthforum@gmail.com. You can read about Syed’s work in this July column by Nicholas Kristof.

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