“Goatee Gamble”: Goatee Remains, Charities Benefit

At the end of “Goatee Gamble,” the goatee remains, thus ending Chuck Todd’s “insular nat’l goatee nightmare.”

The NBC White House correspondent tweets:

@chucktpolitical: I just wrote two checks for $1,000 each to Dr. Shershah Syed and his incredible work helping Pakistani women and Samaritan’s Inn.

Here’s hoping our insular nat’l goatee nightmare is over. BTW, as an NL guy (and longtime Yankee hater), I have to say, Go Phils

@jaketapper I’ve written two checks to both our charities. Translation: a certain facial feature is still in tact. Go Phillies.

And ABC’s Jake Tapper:

@jaketapper: thus ends the #GoateeGamble @chucktpolitical wrote 2 checks to both our charities; the goatee LIVES and he said “Go Phils” – a moral victory

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs joked this morning on “Today,” “Chuck applied last night for a presidential pardon… it has been denied.”

So Chuck won’t be losing his goatee, Jake won’t be growing one (and will Bob Schieffer shave before Sunday’s “Face the Nation?”), but two great charities have benefited– Samaritan Inns, which provides housing and recovery services to homeless and addicted men and women, and Dr. Shershah Syed, an ob/gyn who helps women in Pakistan with complicated pregnancies.

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There’s more information about the two charities and how you can donate after the jump.

For those of you just tuning in, the conditions of the dueling White House correspondents’ bet were: if the Dodgers won the National League Championship Series, Tapper would grow a goatee and if the Phillies won, Todd would shave his goatee, or a $1,000 donation will be paid by the losing correspondent to the winner’s choice of charity.

Todd has chosen Samaritan Inns, which provides housing and recovery services to homeless and addicted men and women. Samaritan Inns’ Recovery Continuum Program has proven results in its unique holistic approach to recovery treatment providing structured housing and healing services in an environment of support and accountability giving homeless and addicted men and women the opportunity to rebuild their lives. A secure donation can be made on their website.

Tapper has picked Dr. Shershah Syed, an ob/gyn who has devoted himself to saving impoverished women in his native Pakistan from complications due to pregnancy such as fistulas. Syed is building a new maternity hospital and training midwives. Tax-deductible contributions can be made through Dr. Shershah Syed, c/o National Health Forum, P.O. BOX 240093, St. Louis, MO 63024. Put: “Dr. Syed’s project” in the subject line of the check. The phone number is 314-255-7409; email is nationalhealthforum@gmail.com. You can read about Syed’s work in this July column by Nicholas Kristof.