“Goatee Gamble”: It’s Over

Pic by Broadcasting & Cable.

“Ah the mystery.”

That was the response we got from NBC’s Chuck Todd on whether to goatee would stay or go after the Phillies won the National League Championship Series 10-4 against the Dodgers last night, and “Goatee Gamble” was officially over.

For those of you only just tuning in, the conditions “Goatee Gamble” were: if the Dodgers win the NLCS, ABC’s Jake Tapper would grow a goatee and if the Phillies win, Todd would shave his goatee, his signature look, or a $1,000 donation will be paid by the losing correspondent to the winner’s choice of charity. There’s more information about the two charities picked by Todd and Tapper and how you can donate after the jump.

Now while we couldn’t get an official answer from either of the White House correspondents on whether Todd will shave or donate, there’s been plenty of banter on Twitter. During last night’s game:

@jaketapper: “Well, it was kind of itchy anyway…” #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow #GoateeGamble

“It can get hot in the Summer…” #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow #GoateeGamble

“I miss my upper lip…” #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow #GoateeGamble

“It will be cool to be able to blow chewing gum bubbles again…” #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow #GoateeGamble

“HONEYYYY! Where’s the BARBASOL????” #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow #GoateeGamble

Their press corps friends chimed in… ABC’s Karen Travers, Real Clear Politics’ Mike Memoli and Fox News’ White House correspondent Major Garrett:

@karentravers: “look how well Britney bounced back after shaving her head” #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow #GoateeGamble

@mikememoli: @jaketapper @karentravers ‘No way in hell I’m going through with this bet’ #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow #GoateeGamble”

@MajoratWH: #ThingsChuckIsSayingRightNow I am looking forward to being as charitable to mankind as Dodger pen has been to Phillies

Joe Torre: “The Phils are tough. Good ballclub. We battled. We just let Chuck down. It’ll grow back and we’ll be back.”

And then after the game:

@jaketapper: (sound of electric razor)….Goatee: OHS NOS!!!// Chuck: I’m sorry, but I have to do this.// Goatee: but Chuck, I LOVE YOU!!!

Goatee must go/ Tis true, fah rilz/ Should not have bet/ Against the Phils BURMA SHAVE #ShaveThatPuppy #PhilliesRock #GoateeGamble

it’s great, because at home i have my baby son, and at work i will have @chucktpolitical whose chin will soon be smooth as a babys behind

in his live shots/he does never ramble/ and yet he lost/ the #GoateeGamble. BURMA SHAVE @chucktpolitical!

And maybe a sign from Chuck that the goatee will go…?

@chucktpolitical: So the last time I shaved the goatee, it took a while. First a close trim, then the electric, finally, the straight razor.

So maybe I need a professional. Old school barber? Ideas?

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Todd has chosen Samaritan Inns, which provides housing and recovery services to homeless and addicted men and women. Samaritan Inns’ Recovery Continuum Program has proven results in its unique holistic approach to recovery treatment providing structured housing and healing services in an environment of support and accountability giving homeless and addicted men and women the opportunity to rebuild their lives. A secure donation can be made on their website.

Tapper has picked Dr. Shershah Syed, an ob/gyn who has devoted himself to saving impoverished women in his native Pakistan from complications due to pregnancy such as fistulas. Syed is building a new maternity hospital and training midwives. Tax-deductible contributions can be made through Dr. Shershah Syed, c/o National Health Forum, P.O. BOX 240093, St. Louis, MO 63024. Put: “Dr. Syed’s project” in the subject line of the check. The phone number is 314-255-7409; email is nationalhealthforum@gmail.com. You can read about Syed’s work in this July column by Nicholas Kristof.

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