This Website Lets You Track God In Real-Time Using Tweets

The Internet is powerful.

So powerful, in fact, that it has the bandwidth to track God.

Yesterday, as of this writing, God had: filled 238 coffee mugs and 21 beer mugs, helped Texas 100 times and New York 51 times, and helped 455 people with school work., a new website from Chicago-based copywriter Kevin Lynch, tracks data from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and maps every mention of the word “God.”

Lynch told Mashable,

“The inspiration for the site came from the proliferation of ‘thank yous’ to God that have invaded all sports postgame interviews, music award shows, and other events where you would assume God didn’t have a rooting interest.”

It’s pretty hilarious, especially as you drill down into each section.

For example, there’s a running list of things God has “damned” (social mentions that include “Goddamn”). There are also “God sightings” (Flickr photos whose captions have the word “God” in them).

You can even track how many God tweets/Instagrams/Facebook posts have originated from each state:

Check out the site for yourself here.

(Hat tip: Mashable; image via Shutterstock)