Gollancz Signs Deal with E-Reads

The UK based SF publisher Gollancz has recently signed a new publishing agreement with E-Reads, the digital backlist publisher.

The 2 companies have agreed to split the publishing effort along the paper/digital line, with Gollancz picking up the UK marketing and promotion efforts. This agreement is part of Gollancz’ Gateway Project, its new effort to build a SF focused social network and eBook community.  More than 400 titles will be covered by the new partnership, including works by more than 50 authors by authors such as Fritz Leiber, Greg Bear, Harlan Ellison, James Gunn, and George Zebrowski.

Gollancz publisher Malcolm Edwards said: “Richard Curtis has been a pioneering figure in e-book publishing in the USA, and E-Reads has acquired rights in a lot of books which were on our wish list for Gateway. I’m therefore delighted that we’ve managed to persuade Richard that we’re able to offer a persuasive plan for selling them in our markets.”

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