Gollancz to Launch SF Gateway

Gollancz, the SF & Fantasy imprint of the Orion Publishing Group, will be launching a new SF-focused ebook website this fall.

The SF Gateway will call upon Gollancz’s impressive backlist of SF&F titles, and its goal is to make thousands of out-of-print titles by classic genre authors available as eBooks. The site launches this fall with around 1 thousand titles, and the collection should grow to more than 3,000 by the end of next year.

It will be an ebookstore, but the SF Gateway is also going to be integrated with the new online edition of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, which will also launch later this year. Gollancz also plans to make the SF Gateway into a social network for SF readers as well as a major community hub where they can interest with fellow fans. The site will likely include forums, blogs, regular sales promotions and contests, and Gollancz hopes that it will become the natural home on the net for anyone with an interest in classic SFF.

via SF Gateway