Good Morning America Unveils Site Redesign

ABC today launched a revamped Good Morning America web site that seems to have GMA news anchor Chris Cuomo quite excited, if this introductory video (also see below) is any indication.

Cuomo walks us through the new look and features, which include an improved, widescreen video player, a nagivation bar across the top of the page, new sections and web-only extras.

Among the new sections are Pets, Healthy Living, Parenting and Your Money. All of these sections have subsections. Your Money, for example, includes a subsection called Womenomics, which, of course, is another term for deficit spending (I’m kidding, I’m kidding!). And Recipes includes the favorites of culinary stars such as Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck and Paula Deen (but no Chris Cuomo, the anchor notes, his professionalism admirably containing his bitterness).

The videos include text if you prefer reading to watching, or as Cuomo says, “if you’re intensive in your study.” Which strikes me kind of funny. Intensive in your study of what, “Hand Sanitizers or Soap: Which Works Best“?

All levity aside, the new GMA site is pretty slick-looking and feature-rich. As for me, I gotta go with bar soap. I guess I’m old-school that way.

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