Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


“Just flew on smallest plane of my life. Eight seats, plus passenger who rode shotgun w/ pilot.” — Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz in a weekend tweet. Toeplitz tweeted the above photograph from the plane.

Journos react to weekend hail

“Things I learned from Twitter today: It’s hailing in DC. It’s hailing in DC. It’s hailing in DC. It’s — crap, I’m out of characters.” — Politico‘s Kasie Hunt in a weekend tweet.

“Oww! It’s hailing on me and it hurts! Not the best idea to walk to the gym.” — Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a weekend tweet.

Scribe wins hula doll

“Just won a dancing hula doll @ the Georgetown U 14th annual luau/hula recital. #alohasaxa? #winning.” — Politico‘s Meredeith Shiner in a weekend tweet. We’re not sure that she could possibly beat CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry, who took hula dancing lessons in late December in Hawaii.

Is Ghostbusters danceworthy?

“To my followers who went to college in the 80s-did u dance to the Ghostbusters theme song? Debating its dance-ability w my buddy right now.” — MSNBC Congressional Correspondent Luke Russert in a weekend tweet.

Morning Scene

“Typical family morning. Our daughters awoke us with hot coffee, croissants, playing their violins. April 1 indeed. ” — NPR’s Scott Simon in a weekend tweet.

Threatening journo…

“Watch out @rollcall. @POLITICO softball team forming like Voltron as I type.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau in a recent tweet.

Clearly on Team Jacob

“First thing I said when Emily dragged me to Twilight was “That motherf_cker has glitter on his face.” Out loud. In the theater.” — Manager of New Media at Cato Institute’s George Scoville in a weekend tweet.

A Washington admission

“Just confused the Alfalfa Dinner with the Gridiron Dinner AGAIN. Hate it when I confuse super exclusive hand-jobby no-press crappathons!” — The Daily Caller‘s “Daily Baller” MIke Riggs in a tweet from late last week.

The Observer

Waiting at baggage–suitcase just went by with pair of purple woman’s underwear hanging out. So unfortunate.” — ABC7’s Julie Parker in a Sunday night tweet.

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