Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


ALEXANDER HAMILTON WEIGEL? “Happy Civil War Day! Here’s the statue of the CSA’s vice president in the Capitol.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Tuesday tweet accompanied by the above photograph.

Two rude journalists named ‘Mike’

“Both @mikedebonis and I are tweeting from dinner table. Because we’re rude.” — WCP‘s Managing Editor Mike Madden in a Tuesday night tweet. Mike Debonis works for WaPo and covers local politics.

Overused words on Twitter

“If cable TV abuses the words ‘exclusive’ and ‘breaking,’ Twitter has ruined ‘must read’, ‘genius’ and ‘brilliant'” — Slate‘s John Dickerson in a Tuesday tweet.

Rolling Stone writer gives Politico blogger stamp of approval

“Acts of journalism committed at State Department presser! Watch out Pentagon press corps, it might be contagious!” — Rolling Stone‘s Michael Hastings in a Tuesday tweet. He linked to Politico‘s Josh Gerstein’s “Under the Radar” blog here.

What’s it really like to work with HuffPost‘s Terkel?

“Lies. I’m sunshine & lollipops.” — HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel in a Tuesday tweet in response to Think Progress Editor Faiz Shakir jokingly (we think) suggesting she has some rage. He replied, “Sunshine on outside, thunderous rage on the inside.”

Journo’s kid won’t likely grow up to be The Donald

“Teaching my toddler the difference b/w positive & negative attention. So I guess I’ve destroyed his chances of being the next Donald Trump.” — Politico‘s Molly Ball in a Tuesday tweet. Hopefully she’s also giving the child an alternative hairdo.

We have a birder in our midst…

“Bald eagle with fish in claws just flew over DC’s Roosevelt Bridge to his Potomac River perch.” — U.S. News & World Report’s Paul Bedard in a Tuesday tweet.

Sam Stein: You’ve Been Warned

“@samsteinhp If you keep this up I’m going to have to block you.” — Former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in a Monday tweet to HuffPost‘s Sam Stein. A little context: The Fleisher/Stein feud concerns Red Sox Vs. Yankees trash talking.

Someone pinch her

“Let me just say ‘Morning Joe’ is the greatest show in the world because I’m sitting here with Robert Redford. [Norah’s famous laughter] Oh and Mike Barnicle.” — NBC’s Norah O’Donnell on MSNBC this morning.

The Underwear Question

“Is there a woman within the range of these pixels who needs to check to know the color of her underpants? Or a man who doesn’t?” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten in a Tuesday tweet. An hour later, he concluded, “FWIW: More than a few women have reported personal underpants ignorance. Ergo, my thesis is disproven, and withdrawn.”

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