Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


The price of attending a Washington gala: You must pet weird animals and pose for pictures. Robert Redford and Gloria Reuben pet a wallaby held by National Wildlife Federation Naturalist Dave Mizejewski, while NWF President Larry Schweiger watches at NWF’s 75th Anniversary Gala in Washington last night. Photo Credit: Leslie Kossoff.

Rachel Ray and mmmm chocolate milk

“Parents, politicians and principals. Everybody is trying everything they can think of, throwing pebbles into the pot to try and make stone soup out of getting our kids a little healthier. Change has to come out of conversation. It can’t come out of finger wagging or going to any extreme. I don’t think that chocolate milk is necessarily the culprit.” — Rachel Ray on The Joy Behar Show last night on the no chocolate milk policy being implemented in some schools.

Insulted journo

“I’m going on #datenight with my wife and she called me swarthy. #racist? on the Ben Moore color wheel, I’m in the reds, but not Crist orange.” — Contributor Greg Pollowitz in a Wednesday tweet.

ABC7’s Tschida: the foot model

“Tennis tears up my feet. but podiatrist went at me with razor and clipper. now cant stop admiring my toes. should be modeling sandals.” — ABC7’s Stephen Tschida in an April 12 tweet. In other vital Tschida news, he’s pleased with our Separated at Birth choices for him from yesterday, which include Jon Voight and Christopher Walken: “Hey I just remembered Jon Voight is Angelina Jolie’s father. I’m separated at birth from a guy with some good GENES!”

Trouble in Twitter paradise

“brianbeutler get off twitter, jerk” — Politico‘s Marin Cogan in a Wednesday tweet to TPM‘s Brian Beutler. We’re not sure if she was joking but a) we’ll get to the bottom of it and b) she doesn’t sound like she’s kidding.

Boy Bander turned Fashion Guru

“On MSNBC right now, the “dark suit plus green tie” madness has spread from Chuck Schumer to engulf Gene Sperling.” — Center for American Progress fellow and lefty blogger Matt Yglesias in a Wednesday tweet.

Misplaced affection

“Just signed an email to a communications person: ‘Love, Annie.’ #fail” — Slate‘s Annie Lowrey in a Wednesday tweet. She’s the girlfriend to the one and only WaPo’s Ezra Klein (huge FishbowlDC supporter).

David Corn employs Seinfeld-Trump metaphor

“Looking forward to new NBC fall show: “So You Wanna Be President?” Starring Donald Trump as “Donald Trump.” #itsaboutnothing.” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn in a Wednesday tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day I

“Got sunburn driving with the top down today. Yes, I have a convertible.” —‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Wednesday tweet. Noteworthy tweet that came in on the same day: “Just for the record if you really don’t like my tweets you can unfollow me. It’s not like I’m Charlie Sheen and you’re paying me or anything.”

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day II

“My 2yo has a dog and a bear. He refers to them as one entity “Doggybear”. It must go everywhere with him. Better than manbearpig.” — CNN Contributor and Red State scribe Erick Erickson in a Wednesday tweet. We don’t normally give a second award of this nature in one day, but today we figured what the hell?