Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


“I’ve never seen the water this high at Great Falls.” — SBNation’s John Taylor in a weekend tweet.

“Day of beauty with Sara Libby” — Former Roll Call scribe Elizabeth Brotherton in a weekend tweet. Getting pampered above is Politico‘s Deputy Politics Editor Sara Libby.

A TV reporter vents about off-air idiots

“Why do people find it necessary to wave their arms and jump around during reporter live shots?” — ABC7’s Mike Conneen in a series of weekend tweets. More: “And chances are no one who knows you is even watching, just strangers who think you’re a tool.” And this: “I understand if you are trying to get on camera, even though you look ridiculous in the background.” And this: “But if you’re standing off camera and your intention is simply to distract a working reporter, that’s just rude!”

Gossip Girl contemplates feathers for WHCD

“Are feathers really out? The only #WHCD dress I found that I like has black feathers on it. #firstworldproblems.” — The Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab in a weekend tweet.

Something to ponder…

“Is wondering if it’s possible to insert white noise into one’s brain?” — Publicist Wendy Gordon in a weekend tweet.

Intern is unraveling

“I MAY HAVE OPTED OUT OF THIS WHOLE COLLEGE THING HAD I KNOWN A THESIS WAS REQUIRED.” — FBDC intern Alec Jacobs at approximately 2 a.m. this morning. We regret his use of all-caps. But we’ll let it slide in this trying time. His thesis topic? “My thesis is on social media in political campaigns, specifically comparing how Republican presidential candidates use it in the upcoming primary compared to the 2008 primaries. Boooring,” he told me this morning. Uh oh…

Madden has turned into his father

“I’ve become my Dad. Find myself sayin stuff like: ‘Stop hearing me and start listening to me.'” — Conservative pundit Kevin Madden, a regular on the Fox News Sundaypanel, in a weekend tweet.

Palm Sunday behavior

“Observing Palm Sunday with a ritual bath, guided meditation and massage. Amen.” — Elizabeth Thorp in a weekend Facebook update. Thorp runs, the upscale travel website. She also writes travel pieces for HuffPost.

Irritated journo

“So I keep on getting all of these notifications that is on the market, and it’s annoying me to death.” — RealClearPolitics‘ Erin McPike in a weekend Facebook update.

Host proposes sex to spice things up

“Well be back next week with more non-scintillating news for you. I think I’ll maybe try to find some more lively friends — a book about sex anyone?” — Syndicated columnist Llewellyn King in his sign off on Sunday morning’s WETA “White House Chronicle” program.

The Traffic Cop

“Lovely seeing @LobstertruckDC braving the rain on Inner Loop of Beltway this morning – obeying speed limit and driving safely.” — C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman in a weekend tweet.