Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


CNN Senior Photojournalist Mark Walzin a Tuesday tweet writes that he “is sitting in the White House press room thinking about what to do next.” Walz, who works out of the White House, has one of the most beautiful Twitter background’s we’ve seen. His handle is: @MaiTaiMark. Above is a photograph we found that he posted on April 11. A little over a week old — but worth it.

Distracted scribe finds comfort in fudge

“Drowning my writer’s block in fudge. #fat” — The Daily Caller‘s Alexis Levinson in a Tuesday tweet.

A Major conversation with Sheen

“So @charliesheen just asked me to tweet him my full name for tix to 2-nite’s DC show. Duh, Warlock you don’t already have it?” — NJ‘s Major Garrett in a Tuesday tweet.

The Observer

“Jessica Yellin looks tiny on the Sit Room set in wideshots.” — Mediaite TV Editor Mark Joyella in a Tuesday tweet about CNN’s National correspondent Jessica Yellin.

Web producer finds way to improve matzoh

“Found a way to make matzoh good: drown it in chocolate and caramel. L’chaim!” — Politico Pro Web Producer Alex Guillen in a Tuesday tweet. Clarification: Guillen originally wrote that @sarahkliff (a Politico reporter who covers health care policy) actually found the chocolaty matzoh goodness. Good catch Guillen! Phew.

Damn sneaky reporters

“Going thru pen & pad sign in sheets-thanks to joker who signed in as “Brad’s Mom” with the ‘Dayspring Weekly.'” — @CantorPress (official Twitter feed for House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in a Tuesday tweet.


“Actually not on @TheLastWord tonight, but watch anyway! You’ll learn stuff.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Tuesday tweet.

Blogger relishes in book’s arrival

“It takes so long to get to this point that it’s tough to feel the way I thought I’d feel  (carthwheels and all that), but I feel something special just the same.” — Blogger and Q & A Cafe Host Carol Joynt in a Tuesday Facebook update and post on her personal website. She received her first copy of her book “Innocent Spouse” today. It’ll be in book stores May 10.

TV friendly journo commits necessary act: a hair cut

“Got my hair did. You know what that means….” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart in a Tuesday Facebook update.

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