Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich gets interviewed by two 11-year-old budding fashion bloggers at last night’s FD and QGA party for the White House correspondents. Much more on the party  later…

Oh Kurtz, the irony

“Like most media people? ” — The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz in response to satirist/director Harry Shearer, who wrote, “If a guy starts talking abt just himself, are you more or less inclined 2 b interested in him?” Shearer is the voice of various characters on”The Simpsons” including Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Smithers.


“I’d rather watch pornography than,” — Anonymous partygoer at QGA and FD prelude to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner party Tuesday night.

Atlantic slaps “wonder child” label on Ezzy

“One notable exception came this past Sunday when the Post’s wunderkind columnist Ezra Klein tweeted news of Trump’s invite with a dejected addendum: ‘That’s embarrassing.’ — The Atlantic Wire‘s John Hudson in a Tuesday story on how Washington is feeling about WaPo taking Donald Trump to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Wunderkind, by the way, means child prodigy. It’s typically, according to extensive Googling, someone under the age of 15 who performs at the level of an adult. Examples cited: Pablo Picasso and, of course, the late Michael Jackson. The word “wunderkind” is German for “wonder child.” Correction: We initially had Hudson at NJ and have changed the above.

Conspiracy theories about Bo

“Trump doesn’t believe Obama’s dog is Portuguese. Demanding they make its papers public.” — Conservative pundit Ann Coulter in a Tuesday tweet.

Journo’s son speaks Italian in sleep (not really)

“Walked by son’s room at the top of the stairs just as he was talking in his sleep. He may be fluent in Italian.” — Slate‘s John Dickerson in a Tuesday tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“TV is so bad when there’s stuff I don’t really want to watch on. When did channel surfing become so pointless?” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Tuesday tweet that makes us so flummoxed as to why it matters. Hey Jonah — when did your tweets become so pointless? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)