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Quotes of the Day

On a personal note…

“On a personal note, my mom played golf this week for the first time since being diagnosed and finishing her chemo. Said she couldn’t putt.” — The Hill‘s White House Correspondent and avid golfer Sam Youngman.

Washington TV reporters defend Obama

“It would be nice to be able to post a photo of the president having a beer with a Marine without being beseiged with snark. #GrowUp,” — ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper. After the White House released a picture of President Obama having a beer with Medal of Honor recipient, 23-year-old Marine Dakota Meyer, Tapper posted it and the nasty comments began rolling in.

“Come on folks, just because WH released a photo of President’s beer w/Dakota Meyer doesn’t mean its ‘just a photo-op.’ Surely you can disagree with President on issues, if that’s how you feel, but still appreciate him recognizing uncommon valor by a Marine.” — FNC Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry.

Understatement of the Year

“It’s got to be one of the more interesting internships in all of Washington, D.C. Getting to wear a pig outfit all day, I love it.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin to a female PETA intern in a pig costume. He soon inquired about the various costumes, “Are they all hot inside or is one better ventilated?” Watch the video moment here.

Arianna likes to curl up with Sunday NYT

“I personally think there is something in our DNA that really likes print. There’s something nice about reading a print article. I like to curl up in bed on a Sunday with the New York Times and a cup of coffee.” — HuffPost-AOL‘s Arianna Huffington, as reported by the Montreal newspaper, The Gazette. Huffington was in Montreal Thursday to attend a media event hosted by Infopresse. She spoke before a crowd of 400. Read full story here.

Long Live White House Soup of the Day

The Twitter handle @MurrowMonitor apparently finds it deplorable that we would stoop so low as to feature the White House Soup of the Day. When I blamed it on NBC’s Chuck Todd, who always first reports the soup on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown,” Murrow grew irate, saying, “You choose to post, but blame someone else? Wow.” We can hardly believe it ourselves, but we’re glad Murrow has nothing better to do than come after us about a soup feature. Angry Murrow then sliced the staple FBDC soup feature with a rant on how he experiences it: “Sept. 15: soup. Sept. 14: soup. Sept. 12: soup. Sept. 9: soup. Sept. 9: wet weather. Sept. 8: soup. Good, diverse coverage.” For the foreseeable future, the White House Soup of the Day is hereby dedicated to @MurrowMonitor.

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