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Quotes of the Day

Journo sees link between himself and company stock

“But is my impending departure driving down Reuters’ stock? Of such things, we can only speculate.” —  Outgoing Reuters scribe Jim Pethokoukis, who is going to work for the American Enterprise Institute as their blog editor. He’ll continue on as a CNBC Contributor. He also mentioned lead Boybander, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein, saying, “Hey, I’m over 9,000 Twitter followers, only 91k behind @ezraklein. Are we going to let such injustice stand, America?”

Make a wish

“I wish my washing machine was touch screen #whitegirlproblems.” — Publicist and former ABC ‘This Week'” Producer Courtney Cohen.

Weingarten invents acronym

“I have just invented a great acronym: ‘Bioya.’ Blow It Out Your Ass. Please make it viral. Or, alternatively, bioya.”  — WaPo columnist Gene Weingarten.

Blogger gets defensive, tweets about his ding dong

BigGov Contributor Riehl Tears (a.k.a. Dan Riehl) had an odd way of reacting to a story we wrote on him yesterday. Referencing an interview he gave last month in which he admitted to weeping over former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s lost innocence and recounted his “worst date” story — he drove a woman home with his pants off — the conservative blogger felt the need to tell us he’s well endowed. He wrote, “Silly FB-DC.. If my pants were genuinely down, you’d be far more impressed, I assure you.” Are you asking us out on a date, Riehl Tears?  No thanks, we prefer men who don’t cry during badly made political documentaries. But that’s nice to know, wombshifter. One thing, though. Wasn’t repeating sexually menacing talk the reason you accused an innocent journalist of being a pedophile in the first place? At least he was quoting Mike Tyson. What’s your excuse?

New HOH writer enters dining detox

“My body seems confused/upset that the 3-gourmet-lunches-per-day routine has come to such an abrupt halt #marathondiningdetox.” — Roll Call‘s Warren Rojas, the new HOH writer and former restaurant reviewer.

Journo reacts to Troy Davis execution

“Time of death 11:08 and media can move up to get photos of the coroner’s van; what is wrong with us?” — Writer and former Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger.

Um, David? Helloooo? You have a brother named Rush.

“How can anyone take seriously the anymore [sic] the raving lunatic Chris Matthews?” Read/watch here. — Nationally Syndicated Columnist David Limbaugh in a grammatically incoherent tweet.

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