Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day

Obama Mocks Media Mood Swings

“At Dem fundraiser, Obama mocks way media portrays him: ‘You’re like a genius for about a month, then you’re an idiot for about 6 months.'” — CBS News’s White House correspondent Mark Knoller in a Thursday tweet.

Kurtz Wants to Beat Gibbs to Twitter Punch

“Just sat down with Robert Gibbs at WH and talked about…Twitter. So I have to beat @PressSec to tweeting this.” — WaPo’s Howard Kurtz in a Thursday tweet.

CNN’s Larry King Marital Status: Available

“To all you single ladies who say there are no good men available, I have just two words: Larry King.” — @Borowitzreport in a Thursday tweet.

Scherer Resorts to Analogies

“Shepard Smith is to car chases what Mozart was to music, what Lil Wayne is to wordplay. [Should be nightly show]” — Time’s Michael Scherer in a Thursday tweet.

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