Good News Journos -Your Industry Is Only Nearly Extinct!

According to Yahoo!, at least, y’all out there in DC Journo Land might want to consider switching careers. Specifically -get into PR. Yahoo! reporter Andrea Duchon has talked to some people on the Internet(one of whom is named Gidwani) and they decided that journalism -among other careers – is kaputz. Specifically, they expect the industry to shed 8% of jobs (3,900) by 2020. This is mostly because of, well, bloggers like us (awkward) and Twitter:

Gidwani says that a number of factors have contributed to the decline of the modern day journalist, from dwindling newspaper readership to the consolidation of news organizations.

‘The real driving force, however, has been the Internet, where millions of amateur reporters blog for free, hundreds of sites copy, aggregate, and curate other people’s content (often without due credit), and millions of millennials have learned to get their news from alternative sources, such as Twitter.’

To be clear -we do not blog for free. Still…awkward.

The good news is the public relations industry is expected to explode by 23% or 58,200 jobs by 2020! That’s great! Journalists and PR professionals are practically the same. The only real difference is that journalists educate the people about the truth, and PR professionals educate the people about products! And that’s a very small, small difference when you think about it…

Sorry for ruining your careers.