Goodgame Big Farm passes 25 million registered players


Goodgame Studios’ browser farming game Goodgame Big Farm has passed a milestone, as more than 25 million people have registered to play the game. That figure translates into some equally large in-game stats, as Goodgame has released an infographic of interesting figures from the title’s past. For one, more than 362 million units of cow feed are produced each month.

According to Goodgame, Brazil has the most players, while three users are registered from Vatican City. In addition to all of that cow feed, 2.7 billion units of milk are gathered from cows every week. The game’s dogs learn 13,000 tricks each day, and 6.6 billion batches of dung are turned into 330 million sacks of fertilizer each month.

Players are good bosses, as over 1.1 billion workers are employed on players’ farms. Gamers also love to travel, as the game’s Hawaiian-themed quest series has been completed 70,500 times. Finally, the game’s most popular decoration is purchased 43,300 times each day.

Goodgame Big Farm is part of Goodgame’s popular line of online and mobile titles. The developer has grown to over 800 staff since its foundation in 2009, and has over 190 million registered users worldwide, across its entire catalog of social games.

Check out the full Big Barm infographic below.