Burbank TV News Spoof Graduates to Hulu

After five years of lampooning the local TV news business in a five-minute format, web series Goodnight Burbank has expanded to a half-hour. Episode #1 debuted Monday on Hulu.com, which is on board to host at least six expanded installments:

Among the characters on the program is Daily Show-like field reporter Paul Lynch, played by Dominic Monaghan. Lynch is a purveyor of monstrously bad puns; for example, after reporting on “East Korea and West Korea”, he mused that he never thought such coverage would be a part of his “journalism Korea.”

Last month, show creator Hayden Black received the “Grounbreaker of the Year” Award from LA Web Fest, where Episode #1 was premiered on the big screen. As someone involved with several other web series, he is definitely a pioneer of the genre here in Tinseltown.

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