Goodreads Launches New Book Recommendation Tool

Goodreads can help you track your library collection, discuss plot points, leak spoilers, and today it added a major new feature. Now it has a recommendation engine that can help you find a book you like.

This new service is based on the technology developed by Discovereads, a company that was bought by Goodreads a few months back. Goodreads then fed all its member records into  the recommendation engine. That’s over 6 million members who have an average of 140 books on their shelves.

The recommendation engine measures over 20 billion data points. It tracks the reviews of a book, of course, but it also tracks when and where each book is read by each user. It also notes the relationship between books; for example, if a large number of users go from book A to B to C then a user who has already read A and B might want to read C.

It’s open to all registered users, and Goodreads wants you to rate 20 books so the recommendation engine can get a good feel for what you like to read.