Google AdSense Mobile for High-End Phones – Big Honkin’ Ads

YouTube video courtesy of GoogleMobileBlog

The Google Mobile Blog cites a Gartner study that estimates 177 million smartphones will be sold this year. This represents a 27% sales increase during what I think most people will agree has been a horrendous economic period. So, naturally, Google goes where people are searching. And, more and more people are searching on smartphones these days. So, Google announced…

AdSense for Mobile optimized for high-end phones

So, what does this mean?

– Google defines a high-end phone as one with a big screen and powerful browser. Think iPhone.
– AdSense for these phones translates to ads that take up a lot of space compared to the friendlier small two line ads we’ve seen so far on mobile phones (high-end or otherwise).

These giant mobile ads can be turned on or off by people buying AdSense space.