Google Announces Podcast Support for Google Play Music

The addition will allow Android phone and tablet users to discover podcasts based on their mood, interests and current activities.

Google announced upcoming support for podcasts on Google Play Music, giving podcasters access to a new audience on Android phones and tablets.

While no release date was announced for when listeners can begin to access podcasts via Google Play Music, a portal is available for podcasters to upload their shows to Google Play Music ahead of the launch.

In a blog post, Elias Roman, product manager for Google Play Music, commented:

Along with direct searches and browsing for podcasts, the service will connect new listeners with podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling or what they’re interested in. Similar to our contextual playlists for music, this will give podcast fans and new listeners a way of finding and listening to content that’s unique to Google Play Music.

Roman said Google is already working with “more than one-dozen of the most popular podcasters and networks” to provide content to users when the service launches. These include HBO, HowStuffWorks, Nerdist/Legendary, This Week in Tech and 5by5, among others.

Podcasters in the U.S. can start uploading their shows here. Music streaming service Spotify announced its own support for podcasts last May.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.