Google Begins Hiring Spree

The media recession is over — at least for Google.

The Web giant plans to hire over 500 staffers, according to officials, as it looks to continue its momentum in the search business while deepening its strength in burgeoning segments like display advertising, mobile and video.

The positions range from a strategic partner development manager within the Google TV Advertising group to a display sales operations manager, media and platforms at AdX (Google’s exchange).

Google is also seeking an inventory analyst for YouTube, an account planner for its automotive vertical (based in Detroit) and an associate for the Google Books and News group.

Beyond sales, Google is seeking candidates in engineering, finance, product management and human resources, among others. The company has already been ramping up: in the final quarter of 2009, Google’s global full-time employee base climbed from 19,665 to 19,835.

According to a Google reep, the staff increases are being driven by a desire to keep the company moving forward in a rapidly changing digital media marketplace. “We’re investing heavily for the long term to maintain and increase the company’s pace of innovation,” said the spokesperson. “This means an investment, first, in people.”

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