Google Brings Back Tweets from the Past

Google added the ability for users of its search engine to see related Tweets from the past with search results, adding a chart that will display Twitter entries by time period (year, month, or day) and the volume of activity about the searched subject.

Google product manager for real-time search Dylan Casey posted on the Google Blog:

Starting today, you can zoom to any point in time and “replay” what people were saying publicly about a topic on Twitter. To try it out, click “Show options” on the search results page, then select “Updates.” The first page will show you the familiar latest and greatest short-form updates from a comprehensive set of sources, but now there’s a new chart at the top. In that chart, you can select the year, month, or day, or click any point to view the tweets from that specific time period. Here we’ve searched for [golden gate park] and browsed to see March 2010 (pictured).

The chart shows the relative volume of activity on Twitter about the topic. As you can see, there are daily spikes in the afternoon (when parks are the most fun) and an unusually high spike on March 27. Clicking on the 27th, you’ll discover it was a sunny Saturday, which may explain the increased traffic on Twitter. People were tweeting about disc golf and tennis, biking, riding a party bus, craving chips and salsa…the kind of local, time-specific information that up until now would be almost impossible to find online.

The replay feature is rolling out now and will be available globally in English within the next couple of days (if you want to try it now, try out this special link). For our initial release, you can explore tweets going back to Feb. 11, 2010, and soon you’ll be able to go back as far as the very first tweet March 21, 2006. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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