Google Buys Games and Widget Maker LabPixies

Google has revealed part of its plan to compete with Facebook and the iPhone’s gaming offerings by announcing its acquisition of LabPixies, an Israeli company that makes widgets and games.

Some of LabPixies’ better-known productions include Flood-It, a popular iPhone strategy game based on colored blocks, and Trio, which is reminiscent of Tetris. But LabPixies is also fairly unique for replicating its games on iGoogle, the search company’s widget-based personal homepage.

LabPixies has been also been particularly good at covering a wide variety of platforms; Flood-It, for example, is available on eight, from Facebook to My Yahoo. As a fairly platform-agnostic widget maker, the company probably has a better view than most companies of the relative advantages of different platforms.

Going forward, it seems likely that LabPixies’ efforts will go toward improving, and possibly even integrating, Android and iGoogle for gaming. Google’s own Code Blog says that LabPixies will “anchor our iGoogle efforts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” and LabPixies own site mentions both iGoogle and Open Social-based widgets, it seems likely that the company will also

There’s nothing official on the purchase price, but Reuters quotes an Israeli publication, TheMarker, as reporting a $25 million price tag on the deal.