In the Future, Google Chromebooks Can Be Unlocked With Your Smartphones

unlockPasswords be gone! Google is seeking to eliminate those easily-forgettable, oft-unsafe alphabet puzzles we’ve been carrying aorund in our heads. The first step: Using your smartphone. Of course, you need to remember your password for that, but what if it used fingerprint scanning and facial recognition? I think we’re onto something here…

Currently, Google uses double authentication for users who want that extra bit of security. We also know they have been exploring using USB devices as another locking and unlocking mechanism. A smartphone is a digital tool that most people already own.

Back in November of 2013, we saw a similar tool for Mac computers: Knock. All you have to do is tap on your phone to unlock your device. You have to be within a certain distance for  it to work, but theoretically, it would save you the trouble of manually unlocking your machine each and every time you stepped away. This certainly isn’t fail-proof – it’s just convenient. Plus, if your device is not nearby, it would be nice if the computer doesn’t unlock for anyone, right?

To access the unlock feature, you’ll need access to Google Chrome dev channel:

The feature is disabled by default, but people running on the dev channel can enable it atchrome://flags/#enable-easy-unlock.

After restarting, Chrome OS will toss up a notification with the option to enable the feature. Clicking on it will bring up a window with an introduction.

Thanks Android Police!

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