Google Creative Lab Launches Sprayscape Camera App on Android

The Sprayscape app uses a device's gyroscope to allow users to "take pictures on the inside of a 360-degree sphere."

Google Creative Lab announced the release of Sprayscape, a virtual-reality-inspired camera application, on Android.

The Sprayscape app uses a device’s gyroscope to allow users to “take pictures on the inside of a 360-degree sphere.” Specifically, users can point their phones at people and objects and tap the screen to “spray” them onto the sphere. Users can also tap and hold on the screen while moving their devices, or while pointing at moving objects, to spray large amounts of content onto the sphere.

Users can share spheres on social media, and they can also send links to spheres through text messages. When another user views a sphere, they’ll be able to “look around” the sphere using their phone or a Google Cardboard headset.

Sprayscape is available to download for free on Google Play.