Google Docs for Android: Limited Functionality. Big App Size

Google released a free Android app that accesses files stored in Google Docs.

Introducing the new Google Docs app for Android

When you search for “Google Docs” in the Andoid Market, it is, ironically, the second result hit. The first hit is Dataviz’s DocumentsToGo.

Google Docs (Android Market)

Another irony is that Google Docs is one of my most valued cloud tools for the desktop but is essentially useless when using a smartphone or tablet. Google Docs for Android doesn’t help this perception. It appears to build an on-device index of files in Google Docs and then provides line-by-line (sometimes cell by cell) editing that would have be hailed as a wonder in 1981. In 2011, I expect a lot more. At best, Google Docs for Android a is a “view-mostly” app that can be used for extremely light editing.

Google Docs for Android is a relatively large app (2.64MB on my Droid) that does not provide the option to move the app to the more spacious SD card. Since most of the same functionality can be achieved by pointing Android’s web browser at, I uninstalled Google Docs for Android from my Droid.