No Google Doodle For World AIDS Day?

Google does a doodle for almost everything. Why is there no doodle for World AIDS Day?

googleSocial media is abuzz with #WORLDAIDSDAY. News organizations are covering the disease and telling the stories of those affected. Memorials for those who have died from AIDS are being passed around. Health organizations are tweeting great infographics about HIV prevention and medications and urging people to go out and get tested. Apple is donating all of its proceeds today.

One major tech company has opted out, though. Why is there no Google doodle for World AIDS Day? Are they worried about stigma? This has long been an issue within the activist community — there’s a doodle for Romanian National Day. With all due respect, I think AIDS Day, like AIDS and HIV, affects more people than that. They do have a little advertisement to “put a little cyber in your Monday” with a Chromecast extension. Lovely, right?

It’s not just me who noticed, either:


It’s not like there aren’t enough ways to visualize the day. Even just making the “o” a red ribbon would do, though it’d be nice if they spent some time on it. It’s still not to late — maybe Bono can call them and tell them to get on it.