Google Editions Backed by ‘Almost All’ US Publishers?

That’s the word on the street–at least according to Engadget, which is one among several blogs reporting on something in Japan Today, which said that Google has the support of “almost all” US publishers. That’s a lot. Betcha we could think of a few that aren’t on board–simply because they were to small to be asked.

But, neverminding that, this news puts the number of publishers selling through Google editions somewhere around 25,000, with 4,000,000 titles available at launch (half of those are the public domain eBooks that Google already offers through Google Books.

Of couree, this deal makes a lot of sense for publishers–Google has already scanned all of everyone’s books. We actually heard that Google is offering publishers a deal through which they could put older backlist titles into the eBook market by simply giving Google the go-ahead to sell the scans it had already done. So we’ll be seeing some old books, maybe ones not even available in print, appearing in Google’s eBook store.

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