Google Editions to Launch in June or July

Google announced a general timetable for the launch of its much-anticipated Google Editions service, the search-giant’s eBook store, at an industry panel yesterday. Chris Palma, Google’s manager for strategic-partner development, said Google would have Google Editions up and running in June or July of this year, only a month or two from now, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Google Editions will be browser-based, of course (though it will offer downloads too), meaning books bought from Google will be readable anywhere one has Internet access.

Evan Schnittman, vice president of global business development for Oxford University Press, expressed to the WSJ the hope than many publishers may have for Google’s entry into the eBook biz: “what I like is that I won’t have to think about audiences based on devices. This is an electronic product that consumers can get anywhere as long as they have a Google account.”

Google Editions will no doubt shake up the eBook market in a big way. Imagine all the pricing disputes we have to look forward to!