Google+ for iPhone App Update Brings Ability for Multiway Video Chats in Hangout

The Google+ Mobile Product Manager announced the lastest version of the Google+ app for the iPhone on Google+ itself (naturally).

…we’re excited to announce the latest version of Google+ in the iOS app store (v.

The latest updates includes a number of major changes.

– Join Hangouts from the mobile app (look for them in your Stream)
– Set profile photo
– Huddle is now called Messenger, and you can now send photos in Messenger
– +1 on comments
– Granular push notification settings
– Improved +mention support
– Share a post with individuals
– Improved public search for people

The two biggest changes in the list are the renaming of Huddle (group text messaging) to Messenger and the ability to join Google+ Hangouts (video chat). You cannot initiate a Hangout video chat from an iPhone 4. However, you can join and participate in a multiway video chat.

Although the Google+ app does not scale for the iPad 2, the app still can be used on it. I used it on my iPad 2 (using the manual 2x display scaling) to participate in a video chat with three other friends. The sound and video quality was very good. In general, Hangout was also able to shift the video focus to the current speaker reasonably well.

Note that either an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 (and possibly the latest iPod touch model) with a front-facing camera is needed to participate in Hangout video chats.

You can find Google+ for iPhone in the iTunes App Store at: