Google Hotpot Folded into Google Places

Do you remember Google Wave? It was, um, well, that’s the problem. Most of us never quite figured out what it was and what it was supposed to do for us. Google pulled its plug less than a year after it became widely available. It is now an Apache Open Source project named Apache Wave.

How about this one: Do you remember Google Hotpot? No, not Hot”s”pot. Hotpot, no “s”. Hotpot is much easier to understand than Wave. It was a way to physically tag places and business. You, as an end user, could rate and review these places. Mashable reports that Google is shuttering the Hotpot brand and folding the function into Google Places.

Google Goes Cold on Hotpot, Shutters the Standalone App

Google Places does a pretty good job of identifying places I’ve been or might have visited. It provides an easy way to quickly rate and comment on these places. If you have a business, you can list your business with Google for free.

Google provides a native Places app for Android devices and the iPhone.

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