Google Maps 4.1 for Windows Mobile & Symbian S60 Available – High Error Rate for Hawaii Street Names :-)

If you have a smartphone based on Windows Mobile or Symbian S60 (usually from Nokia), Google has an app update you might be interested in:

Search by Voice Comes to Google Maps 4.1 for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 phones

The 3.x version for Windows Mobile does not have an in-app update feature. So, you’ll need to point your mobile browser at:

to download the installer for Google Maps 4.1 for Windows Mobile. Then, you’ll need to use the file manager to go to the file and run it. And then? Well, I have to say the speech recognition in this app gave me a lot of laughs during testing. While it might work well for street names around you, it has no clue what to do with the Hawaiian street names in my area. It had a 100% error rate for me.

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