Google One App Aims to ‘Do a Little. Change a Lot’

Google has introduced a new app that wants to help change the world. With the tagline, “Do a little. Change a lot,” Google One aims to connect nonprofits with people who are are asked to donate $1 to a cause.

Users can search the app for projects that they would like to fund. Every day the app features new projects and users are encouraged to donate a $1 to a project that inspires them, and of course, to share these projects with their friends. Current projects aim to protect rhinos, plant trees in Kenya, teach school children empathy and train villagers in rural Nicaragua to design and build sustainable projects. Nonprofits can sign up their projects to help fundraising efforts.

The app is currently available in a limited pilot version to Android users in the U.S., but you can sign up to get an update when it becomes more widely available and on other devices.

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