Google Photos Update Helps Android Users Free Up Space

The updated app allows users to quickly delete any photos and videos they've already backed up in order to free up space on their device.

Google has announced an update for Google Photos on Android devices, which will help users free up storage space on their device by allowing them to easily delete the device copies of their photos and videos which have already been backed up to Google Photos.

With this feature, users can tap the ‘Free up space’ button in the app’s settings, and Google Photos will determine the specific photos and videos to delete, based on whether or not they’ve already been backed up.

In addition, Google Photos can now keep track of a user’s phone storage space, and will notify users when they’re running low. Users can delete any device copies of their backed up photos and videos which are more than 30 days old from the app’s Assistant.

The announcement post reads:

All your photos and videos will still be accessible when you’re connected, both in the app and on the Web at So take more photos and videos. And stop worrying about filling up your phone in the process.

This update is rolling out to Google Photos users on Android, and is coming soon to iOS.

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