Google PowerMeter + TED 5000 Smarter Meter + Mobile Phone = Metrics Geek Dream

Screenshot courtesy of Google

I think many of us have a fascination with metrics about real world things that matter to us personally. That’s probably one of the reasons that my favorite feature in the new 5th generation iPod nano is its pedometer (of all things). So, I found this announcement from Google particularly interesting…

Google PowerMeter’s first device partner

Google’s first device partner is appropriately named Energy, Inc.. Its TED 5000 product is actually a family of devices ranging in price from $199.95 for the Model 500-G to $319.95 for the Model 5000-SC. All of these 5000 series models works with Google PowerMeter.

So, what’s the mobile angle? The TED 5000 models feature integrated web servers that can serve up data in a mobile friendly manner on mobile device web browsers. This includes access using Google’s own iGoogle for mobile phones. So, you can keep track of your home’s electricity use from a variety of mobile phones.

I wonder if more than just the TED 5000 itself is needed to create a functioning system though. It looks like installation involves dealing with a home’s main electrical panel. So, I assume a licensed electrician is required to conduct the installation (which can raise the total initial cost considerably). Might be time for a call to Energy, Inc. to ask for a podcast discussion.

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