Google Releases Blogger App For iOS

Blogger is one of the first successful blogging platforms that for many people provided their first introduction to blogs. Blogger was also one of Google’s first acquisitions, when the search engine company bought Pyra Labs back in 2003. Google hasn’t done a tremendous amount with Blogger and it took them a while to develop an Android app for the service, and even longer developing an iOS app, which they just announced today.

The iOS version of the Blogger app runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad, and it provides basic functions that you need to add content to a blog. You can write and edit blog posts that contain pictures, which you can either take or select from the camera roll on the device.

Unfortunately, the iOS app has a serious omission of not providing a simple way to add hyperlinks nor can you add simple font styles like bold or italics, all of which you can do with the Android version of the app. You can use HTML markup to add these items, but frankly that is a pain on a mobile device.

If you have multiple blogs hosted on the Blogger service you can switch between them to write for either one. The only other setting option is to control the size of images that you upload to the service from the device.

In comparison to other blogging apps like the WordPress app, the Blogger app is pretty rudimentary and only provides very basic functionality. Hopefully Google will quickly release an update that at a minimum provides simple hyperlinking along with bold and italics. In the mean time, if you can live with the limitations you can download the Blogger app for free from the App Store.

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