Google Releases Living Stories Plugin for WordPress

Google has released a WordPress plugin for its Living Stories application. Living Stories is an experiment Google Labs has been conducting, which is exploring a new way of presenting ongoing news stories. Rather than forcing readers to track down every incremental article on a topic, the application lets news organizations present complete coverage of the story in a single place. Updates to the story are highlighted each time a reader returns, and older news is summarized.

Google partnered with the New York Times and Washington Post last year to test out the idea on a number of stories, including the war in Afghanistan and the Redskins’ football season. Earlier this year, it released an open-source version of the application for any news organization to use on their site. The new plugin extends those capabilities to WordPress content creators. “Now anyone who publishes through WordPress can use the plugin to organize coverage of an ongoing event on a single dynamic page,” writes engineer Eric Zhang on the Google News blog.

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