Google Reportedly Wants to Launch Wireless Carrier Service

motherchildUS mobile consumers are constantly being bogged down by slow wireless networks and nonexistent wireless coverage. If there’s a company out there that should focus on mediating the insufferably stagnant wireless network, it should be Google, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

According to the latest reports from The Information, Google is seeking to enter into the wireless carrier service, but only through Verizon, Sprint or other carriers. Executives from Google and Verizon met earlier this year to discuss the possibilities of entering the mobile wireless market as a carrier. Google would essentially buy discounted data and re-sell, or offer it to its customers.

Google already has high speed fiber network systems installed  in Kansas City, Missouri, and Provo, Utah with plans for expansion to Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon;  San Jose, California; as well as many other metropolitan areas. The mobile data purchase from the likes of Verizon and Sprint will allow Google to connect their high speed network in one continuous map across the states.

There only problem, however, seems to be that most of the wireless network in the US offer very slow service that’s also highly inconsistent.  Unless Google plans to piggy back on all of the networks, it’s unlikely that they alone, as a carrier, can move the US from the second slowest average mobile speed download rate in the world.

Via The Verge