Google Says ‘No’ to Advertising on Glass

Monetization remains a mystery as first headsets ship to developers

Google has banned Glass app developers from placing advertising in the device's display, the BBC reported.

Google released a guide this week for developers making applications, or "Glassware," for the smart glasses. With advertising and paid apps forbidden, it remains to be seen how developers will monetize their apps. Google also banned selling user data for advertising purposes, according to the Business Insider

This is bad news for ad agencies, who were among those clamoring for the chance to try out Glass and get a glimpse of its advertising potential. The Business Insider noted that when Google opened up a Twitter competition to let some people get an early headset, agencies were lining up for the prize. For example, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners made an entire microsite that was dedicated to why its employees deserved a pair.

Google intends to keep a high degree of control on its product even after it has been sold. The Glass terms of sale prohibit users from reselling or even loaning out the device, under penalty of deactivation.

This news comes as Google is poised to ship the first batch of Glass units to developers and winners of the company's Twitter hashtag contest promotion.

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