Google Search Lets You Replay Twitter Timeline

If it’s not enough for you to experience the Twitter timeline in real-time, Google Search now lets you “zoom to any point in time” and replay tweets on a particular topic. Voila, time-sliced keyword-specific tweet search results. The importance of Twitter for breaking news has been shown over and over, reflected recently in Twitter-specific content decisions by the Financial Times and Huffington Post.

So if crowdsourced news and shared links have become so important, it should come as no surprise that there’s a demand for replaying the Twitter timeline. At least that’s what Google believes, as per their new Twitter timeline Search feature (see image below) that lets you view related tweets and volume of activity from an interactive timeline.

Clicking on the intial timeline results in an expanded view of a given 24 hours. Now, while you can already filter through historical tweets by other means, it’s the meta information that could be of incredible value for research, possibly even analysis about the correlation between trending topics on Twitter and, say, movie box office sales.

Google will start the first release of this Twitter replay feature with tweets back to Feb 11, 2010, but will eventually offer archives back to the first tweet on Mar 21, 2006. The feature is in the process of being rolled out, though they’re providing a test link if you want to try replaying the tweet timeline.

Yesterday, Bing started rolling out their own Twitter integration, with search results offering related tweets faster, as well as popular shared links as culled from related tweets. If Twitter rolls out new features, it’ll be interesting to see how Bing and Google respond.

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